We guarantee a personalized approach to your pain management care. We recognize that everyone’s pain is different; that’s why we promise specialized care for each individual. We pay close attention to detail, and we provide you the relief you need. 

Athens Heart Center and Specialty Clinics (AHCSPC or AHC&SPC) is a multi-specialty group of healthcare practices and clinics which strive to achieve the highest levels of patient care, compassion, and innovation. Our system covers northeast Georgia and includes Athens Heart Center, Athens Sleep and Wellness Center, Family First Healthcare in Lavonia and Family First Healthcare in Athens. Our roots are in our local community, and we continue to treat every patient like family, while continually evaluating ourselves and improving.

We proudly welcome patients of all ages, backgrounds, and health situations, and no referral is needed. We also accept virtually every health insurance plan. For more information on insurances we work with, please see our billing page.

By evaluating your family history, risk factors, and genetics, we can provide easy, hassle-free preventive medical services which can save you thousands of healthcare dollars down the road. To learn more, visit our Preventative Services page. We also understand that no one wants to spend their free time at the doctor’s office, which is why we carry a full experienced staff daily and work efficiently to ensure your visit is as fast as possible. We are patients, too and understand your life and schedule are busy.

We feel strongly that it is our duty and responsibility to help every patient, regardless of income or insurance. We offer a program called Physicians’ Circle for Patients (PCP) which can help you recieve medical services and medications at reduced cost.

Please always check with your insurance carrier to see if your insurance plan requires a referral to see a specialist. Our office does our very best to assist and check every patients insurance, but ultimately it is your responsibility. If you fail to have the appropriate referral sent to our office your appointment will be cancelled. If you are seen and you have not gotten the appropriate referral you will be responsible for the bill. Most HMO insurance plans require a referral. If there is a primary care listed on your insurance card your plan more than likely will also require a referral.

Please speak to your physician regarding disability paperwork. It is sometimes better that it be done by a primary care physician or that you have a functional capacity exam so the paperwork can be filled out appropriately. Your physician will be able to guide you in this process. Please do not have disability paperwork requests sent to our office without speaking to your physician. There will an extra charge to fill out disability form and the fee will have to be paid before the form is completed.

Yes, please bring any of the written reports along with films and discs. The more information you are able to bring to your appointment the easier it is for our physicians to gather your complete history and move forward with the very best treatment plan for you.

Absolutely! Our first priority is your health and safety. If there is another doctor that can perform a procedure that we cannot, or is a specialist in your condition or disease, we will not hesitate to refer you! We will however, always discuss options like referrals with our patients before any calls are made.

No, we refer patients to their local physical therapy location.

In order to receive medication refills on any medication you must be seen in our office – There are no exceptions. We do not have a medication refill line or a person dedicated to do refills. Due to the nature of our practice all patients are required to be seen every 28 days. At their 28 day appointment any medications needed will be refilled. It is the patients responsibility to make sure they schedule their 28 day follow up appointment and arrive to the appointment.

How much do I need to pay in addition to my health insurance?

Yes, our office is more than happy to arrange reasonable payments plans. It is best to contact our billing office by calling 844-614-0036 and making arrangements with them.

Please contact our billing department by dialing +1(706) 208-9700 and asking for the billing department.

Generally, it takes 7-10 business days from the receipt of the request to complete a request for records.

If you are only requesting the records pertaining to your last visit at AHCSPC, there is no fee. If you are requesting additional records, we charge a $30 flat fee, which results from rules governed by the state and federal government. Please see the links above for more information.

Yes, for AHCSPC, outside records are re-released for all record request types, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the patient/requester.

No, your AHCSPC medical records are grouped and stored in the same Electronic Health Records system, which is central and common to all AHCSPC facilities.

The authorization form expires 90 days from the date it is signed, unless the requestor indicates a specific date on the form.

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